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Would you be interested to make a drastic change? Well, the truth is that you can make the change in an instant the moment you make your decision. Anthony Robbins said, 'Change happens in an Instant. It is the decision to change that takes a long, long, long...time!' So if you are committed to make a change you'll need to have these 7 success ingredients:

  • Positive Mindset and Belief.

  • Identify a BIG Trend and position yourself in front of it.

  • Choose the Best Business Model.

  • Choose the Right Company to Partner with.

  • Leverage on Unique and Cutting Edge Products.

  • Fantastic Support System.

  • Committed DECISION.

Robert Kiyosaki, in his best seller ‘CashFlow Quadrants’ talked about the four quadrants. In order to create Residual Income you need to move to the ‘B Quadrant’. This is the ‘business ownership’ quadrant and it involves setting up a duplicable ‘SYSTEM’.

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